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Interactive Sports Coloring Pages for Kids.

It has been proven that coloring is a great way to relieve stress and release creativity. Now, you can bring that into your child’s day with these interactive Sports Coloring Pages for kids. Choose from a variety of different sports including soccer, football, baseball, tennis, and more! Have fun with your child as they color-in their favorite athletes with interactive features such as text messaging, sounds effects, and more.

Football Coloring Page

Football coloring pages
Football coloring pages

Maybe your child’s favorite sport is football. The football coloring page has all of the equipment you would need to get started, including the ball, field goal posts, and more! Your child will love coloring in their favorite team while listening to the game sounds effects.

Soccer Coloring Page

Whether your child likes soccer or not, they will love this interactive coloring page. The coloring page features a soccer player kicking the ball in an attempt make a goal. You can edit the text below to say whatever you want, and the sound of the goal horn will play when you’re done. This is a great way to get your kids interested in sports!

Basketball Coloring Page

Let your child’s creativity flow as they color-in this interactive basketball coloring page. Your child will be able to text and sound effects with their favorite NBA player, LeBron James. Have fun with your child as they enjoy this interactive sports coloring page for kids.

Baseball Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love baseball? And who doesn’t like coloring? Combine the two and you’ll have a winning combination. With these interactive MLB Baseball Coloring Pages, children can select their favorite team – any team – and then print out the coloring page onto paper or cardstock. The child can then color in the images of certain players, making them come alive with sound effects, text messages, and more! This is a great way for kids to learn about their favorite teams while also allowing them to get creative with their art.

Tennis Coloring Pages

Many children are fascinated with tennis. This is because it’s a sport that they can see on TV or at their local tennis club. If your child also loves this sport, then these interactive sports coloring pages for kids are perfect! They have 15 coloring pages to choose from, including the US Open National Tennis Center, the French Tennis Open, and Wimbledon. What’s more? There’s a text messaging feature that will allow your child to send a personalized message to a friend about their favorite athlete or tournament color-in.


Coloring is a great way for kids to release creativity and learn to focus their attention. Interactive sports coloring pages are a fun way to combine physical activity with a creative outlet. Check out all the different coloring pages available, from basketball to football to soccer, and find your favorite activity!

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