How to Drawing Diamond: The Easiest Way To Do It.

Draw A Diamond Easiest Way

Drawing a diamond is a great way to hone your drawing skills. There are many different types of diamonds, but they all have a similar look and structure. This tutorial will help you draw the simplest form of a diamond, which has 8 sides and 12 right angles (4 triangles).

This is also called an “octagon” because of its 8 sides.

This is really easy to do with any type of pencil or pen! You can even try this out on paper if you don’t want to use paper yet!

What You’ll Need

-Drawing paper

-A pencil or pen

-An eraser

1. Start with the bottom point of the diamond. Draw a straight line across the paper, about 1/2 an inch long, and then draw a second line at right angles to it. This is your base (the bottom point). 2. Now, draw two lines that are parallel with the first two lines you drew. This will be your next point on your diamond (top right). 3. Draw another line at right angles to it, like you did in step one. This will be your next point on your diamond (bottom left). 4. Draw two more lines parallel to the last two lines you drew (step 3). This will be your next point on your diamond (top left). 5. Draw another 2 lines at right angles to them, like in step one (bottom left). 6. Continue draw until you have 12 points on your octagon/diamond!

The Setup

Draw a square and divide it into 4 equal parts. Then draw two more squares on the right and left side of the first square.

And then do the same thing but make it smaller.

Once you’ve drawn those three squares, you can start to connect them together. First, draw a line from the bottom left corner of the first square to the top left corner of the second square as shown in this illustration:

Connecting these two squares will be your “octagon”. Now, connect these two octagons with a line going from one top corner to another.

Then just continue connecting each octagon to each other by drawing lines from their respective corners. You should have 8 lines connecting each octagon at this point.

Lastly, you need to combine all 8 octagons so they form a diamond shape. All you have to do is put a line through each of their points as shown below:

Now your diamond is complete! You can even color it if you want!

Drawing the Lines

1. Start by drawing the corners of the octagon, then draw two lines that go down from one corner to intersect with the opposite corner.

2. Draw two lines that go up from one of the corners to intersect with the opposite corner on top.

3. Now you have 4 lines, so draw 2 more lines that go across them to make your 12 right angles (4 triangles).

4. Erase any extra lines and voila! You have a diamond shape!

Drawing the Diamond Shape

1. Start with a square, which is 4 lines on the page.

2. Draw 2 of the lines horizontal and 2 vertical to form 12 right angles (4 triangles).

3. Draw the other 2 lines horizontal and 2 vertical to form 12 right angles (4 triangles).

4. Finish with an 8-sided shape on top by drawing 2 more lines across the first set of lines at a 90 degree angle or “right angle” (90 degrees) to each other, which will create 4 triangles on top for an octagon.

Adding Details to Your Diamond

Once you get the basic shape down, it’s time to start adding some details to your diamond. Start with the outline of your octagon.

Slowly add in the lines that connect the corners of your octagon together. You can also try using different techniques like using a ruler to make straight lines.

To make it easier for you, we recommend pressing harder on one of the corners (either left or right) and then drawing the rest of the lines up and down. This will ensure that all your lines are straight.

Start filling in little gaps between your lines by drawing curves and gently connecting them with other pieces of line work. Make sure they’re smooth and not jagged!

Then, use a darker color (or another color if you want!) to draw the outline of your diamond around all those pieces you drew before. You can use a ruler or any object that has a straight edge to help you make sure all those edges are even!


The diamond may seem difficult to drawing from the outside, but when you know how to draw a diamond, it’s not so bad.

Just follow the steps above and you’ll have a great looking diamond in no time. You can also use a printed out copy of the diamond to help if you need it. Just trace the diamond shape and you’ll have a perfect guide for your artwork.

Just be careful not to go too thin when drawing the lines or your diamond could become too narrow. And don’t forget that the lines don’t have to be perfect. As long as they’re close enough to each other, your diamond will turn out just fine.

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