PENCIL DRAWING – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

PENCIL DRAWING ? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Pencil drawing

Pencil is a tool used for writing, Pencil Drawing or art, whose jotting becomes vague with time. In ancient times, pencils were used only for drawing pictures. Pencils have been constructed since the discovery of graphite in England.

The black coin inside the pencil is made of graphite and complexion and it’s fused to the wood by placing it in the middle of the wood.

  In ultramodern times, different types of pencils are plant in the request. According to the grade of graphite, there are pencils ranging from 2H to 10H and 2B to 10B in which H means hard and B means black. Different multicolored jotting pencils are also available in the request.

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There’s a special type of pencil for engineers, whose jotting doesn’t fade for times. Surgeons also mark the case’s body with a special type of pencil for operation. About 50000 words can be written with a pencil of 18 cm.

Pencils are the life of the artist and the artworks made from them are veritably lovable. Pencil Drawing, different types of pencils are also available for writing on glass, gravestone, bottom etc.
  Children are first tutored to write with a pencil in nonage and it leaves its mark on whatever is written on it. Pencil is veritably useful for everyone.

Pencil drawing
Pencil Drawing
Pencil drawing
Pencil Drawing

Each drawing requires the following 14 types of different pencils,

Pencil Drawing
14 Type Of Pencils

B Pencil

These pencils have darker lines than the “H” aur “F” and make it easier to erase.
Due to the release of more graphite on the paper by these pencils, it is proved that it is soft. For this reason the B pencil shows darkness.


8B pencil comes out in the darkest brown color on the paper with very dark color, it is used more for drawing and sketching, as it makes dark marks and sticks to the page,


7B pencil is used for art related purposes. It sticks to the paper by giving it a dark brown shade and that makes the picture look great too


6B Pencil is used for attracted drawing. It is easy to add with pencil wherever there is a joint in your drawing. Very useful for making portraits. Its use makes skin, clothes, etc. better.


The 5B pencil makes a deep mark. Due to the high number of B in this pencil, it is quite soft. Being much softer than the rest, it makes deep marks.


Being slightly lighter than other pencils, the 4B Pencil is a suitable choice for sketching and drawing. It is preferred first for sketching and drawing.


The 3B pencil is as if it mixes dark and light. If you want to do light brown color in sketching and drawing, then it is preferred first.


2B pencils are mostly used for sketching and shading in drawing. Medium to dark color shading is done with this pencil.


HB pencils are very hard. That is why this pencil is used for drawing. H denotes the hardness of the pencil and B denotes the blackness of the pencil.


F means fine. Tougher than the second pencil. Still easier than the other, too dark for normal and everyday drawing.

H Pencil

In this H denotes the hardness of the pencil. It means to say easy. The higher the amount of H, the harder the pencil. And its lead will be equally difficult. And that’s why the harder the lead, the lighter the pencil will prove to be.
‘H’ pencils are generally quite hard, and they are apt to have a tip that boasts extreme perfection. They also create light lines which can be canceled with great ease and convenience so that one can use these pencils for designing products or writing effects on paper.


The lines made with this pencil can be erased easily. Because the amount of lead in 2H is very less. That is why this pencil is used for technical work. It is also a great option for those who have just started drawing and want to add lighter pull shades to their drawing.


Because the 3H pencil leaves a slight grayish tint to the paper, it is more commonly used for drawings where lighter colors need to be added or blanks need to be filled in.


This pencil is used for lighting, shading and finer. The gray side is more and less shiny because of the amount of clay it contains. It is conveniently used for shading and sketching.


The deepest and thinnest lines are created with this pencil because its level is hard. Because of this, this pencil is the best choice for those who want to draw dark and think lines in their drawing and sketching.


Designed for sketching, writing and drawing, this pencil is a great choice for technical and artistic use as it is a high quality graphite pencil.

According to the law of hardness, it provides maximum hardness with the darkest and look on the paper.

It is really strange and fascinating thing that behind such a small pencil is such a big story and its history.

Hope you have got all the information you need about Pencil,

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