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Drawing Of Yoga Are Given In This Blog. Strategy At Any Age

What is yoga and its importance

The act of bringing the body, mind and soul together through a spirituality process is yoga To bring agility in the body and to remove diseases, then practicing yoga is beneficial.  Yoga is beneficial if students want to increase their studies by removing mental stress.

Objectives of Yoga

The aim of yoga is to improve the lifestyle of nature by developing mental strength and creativity by getting rid of mental stress.

There are four main types of yoga,


Yoga is a science to live a healthy life always.  It is like a medicine, which works to protect us from various diseases by regulating the functioning of our body parts.  Yoga works to increase peace in our body and get rid of all our stress and problems.

Yoga protects our body from various diseases, it regulates the functions of body parts, it acts like a medicine for us, doing yoga makes our life healthy, also increases peace inside our body.  By doing this our life becomes stress and problem free,

Yoga was originated in India in ancient times by great yogis
Through yoga, the connection between our body, mind and soul is regulated.

By doing yoga, the blood flow of our body increases,

Safe and regular practice of yoga gives benefits of all asanas
To avoid all kinds of diseases, it is necessary to wake up early in the morning and practice yoga.

Yoga strengthens our body’s immune system
Helps in reducing the side effects of the ingested medicine yo

International Yoga Day is celebrated in India on 21st June



Sukhasana is the easiest asana among the sitting postures, It is very easy to do this, sit on the ground with both your legs bent, and open the fists both hands and put them one on top of each other, while doing the asana, do not bend your spine at all, keep it straight,Increases positive energy by focusing the mind,



The Sanskrit word Padma means lotus.  That is why Padmasana is also called Kamalasana.  This asana is the best posture for meditation posture.  To do this asana, while sitting on the ground, place the heel of the left foot on the right thigh in such a way that the heels come near the navel.  After this, lift the right foot and place it on the left thigh in such a way that both the heels meet near the navel.  While practicing this mudra, practice deep breathing.



To do this asana, sit in Dandasana, place the feet on each other and keep the spine straight and keep your palms comfortably on the knees. Siddhasana provides strength to the hips and spine. But do not forget to take deep breaths during this entire asana. Also read: These 5 Yogasanas Will Strengthen Digestive Power And Stay Away From Liver Diseases



You can do Balasan at any time, even after dinner, this yoga can be done. By doing this asana, the belly fat is reduced and the muscles become strong. For this, sit on the ground with your knees bent so that the whole part of the body is on the ankles. Lean forward while taking a deep breath. Your chest should touch your thighs and try to touch the floor with your forehead. After staying in this position for a few seconds, come back to the same position while exhaling. Also read: This one yoga asana cures falling hair, weak mind and heart diseases



Due to the formation of a rabbit-like shape while doing this asana, it is called Shashakasana. To do this asana, sit in Vajrasana and then raise both your hands while inhaling. Feel the shoulders close to the ears. Then while bending forward, spread both the hands forward parallel, while exhaling, place the palms on the ground. Then rest the forehead on the ground as well. Stay in this position for some time and come back to the position of Vajrasana. This asana helps in stretching the back, shoulders and arms.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana provides relief from back pain or back related problems along with relaxing the spine. To do this asana, sit with the legs stretched in front, the spine should be straight and both the legs are attached to each other. Bend your left leg and move its heel towards the right side of the pustule. Now bring the right foot towards the left foot and take the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind. Turn the waist, shoulders and neck to the right in this sequence. Take long breaths and release. Continue to exhale to come to the starting position.



Along with giving strength to the legs, this asana is also beneficial for the lungs. To do this asana, keep the ankles of your feet upside down on the ground on the gap between the thighs and sit down with knees bent. Then take both the hands backwards and hold the toes of both the feet with both your hands.

So that the toe of the left foot comes in the right hand and the toe of the right foot comes in the left hand. While doing this asana, keep your waist straight.

Drawing of yoga
pose with eagle arm
Drawing of yoga
Big Toes Pose
Drawing of yoga
Paradise Bird
Paradise Bird
 yoga boat
Boat Asanas
yoga site angle asanas
Side Angle Asanas
 yoga Asanas
Side Angle Asanas

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